2016 Company Travel 1

2 Day-Traveling in Xunliao Bay

On 19th November, 2016 morning, the happy traveling started.
After two hours, we arrived at beautiful Xunliao Bay. Then we visited the Queen of Heaven Palace, praying for Minrray.
In the afternoon, we enjoyed hot spring in Theme Hot Spring of Ocean Culture. The first day was end with happiness.
On second day, we went to sea to catch some fish. Blowing sea breeze, looking across boundless sea and looking up blue sky, we were very happy. With the help of fisherman, we caught many fishes.
After eating special lunch,Kiln pig feast, we came back to home.
Recalling two days, we were relax, happy and got more united.
How wonderful days in Xunliao Bay! How unforgettable experience in Minrray!